As I’ve mentioned before, I love photography.  I also love my mother.  So to honor her on this special day, I decided to put the two together and submitted a photo to Pictory for their theme, “Sorry, Mom.”  I was lucky enough to get my photograph chosen!  Take a look at the showcase to see mine, all the other photographs, and to read the compelling stories that go with them.

To all the moms out there, thank you for sharing your love to the world.

To my own, I love you.


Tacos to Go

Two posts ago, I talked about paying my taxes. Now, I’ll be talking about what I ate before I paid my taxes. Again, I hit up Midtown Lunch for the area’s possibilities because although I ate yummy oxtail the last time, I wanted something new, and I found…

Where: El Camioncito Truck31st St. and 7th Ave.

Occasion: It was 2:30, I just got my tax documents and before sending them out, needed sustenance

Atmosphere: A bright, warm day.  Perfect for standing next to the blue and white truck, manned by two friendly men, both helpful and attentive.  Oh, and it wasn’t too bad having people enjoy watching me enjoying eating.  Slightly weird, but I think I brought them more business.

Dish: Tacos (Carnitas and Chorizo) – $2 each

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Let’s Live Green, People!

I was very sad when I realized I didn’t participate in this year’s Earth Hour, which took place on March 27th.  Yes, yes, I understand that I can just leave lights off any other time (as my wisecracking coworkers pointed out), but I think there’s something touching about the entire world sharing an effort to do something good for the earth, all at the same time.

With today’s celebration of Earth Day, (HAPPY EARTH DAY, EVERYONE!), the effort continues, and here are two happenings that would be a lot of fun to be part of:

Food industry royalty Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich are inviting everyone to eat at one of their Certified Green Restaurants®, which showcase farmer’s market driven menus and a no-bottled-water policy.  Where better to honor our planet than at one of their eateries?

If you can’t find a date to take to one of those restaurants, no problem! Earth Day Speed Dating could be your solution.  You get 10-12 eight-minute dates, (over drinks…lots of drinks) and the bonus is, you know these people care about the earth, making them decent human beings at the very least.

Too bad I’ll be working.  But no matter.  It’s all about little efforts to live a greener lifestyle, not just on Earth Day.  So let’s live green, people! Everybody just do your part – conserve, reuse, recycle, and be more conscious of how your actions affect the planet and its creatures – and everybody wins.

For more on Earth Day:

Trooper of a Tax Lady

At the Post Office, parting with my tax documents

2009 taxes…done! A week after the fact and I’m still celebrating.  I can’t even explain how much aggravation paying the IRS has caused me in the past 6 months.  Sure, some of it was my fault.  Okay, fully my fault.  But what happened was, I was on a four month vacation (visiting my dear parents and childhood friends, mind you) during 2008 tax settlement time last year, so I owed about 10 Masa omakase dinners’ worth of dues.  Awful, huh? Instead of enjoying Ohmi Beef Tataki and Toro with Caviar, I had to fork over taxes, ridiculously high late fees, and more fees for not paying quarterly when I was supposed to.  Ugh! How was I supposed to know?!?  Then, a month later, I was told I had to pay my quarterly payments for 2009.  Exhausting!  This time around, my trooper of a tax lady, extremely sick with something serious (probably tax-season stress) met with me on the 15th and handed me my papers, explaining stuff with a strained voice, but a surprisingly chipper mood.  I just love her! She always comes through for me, even when I make things difficult like turning in my documents in to her only a week before. (I know, I know, I’m horrible!) But it’s all done, and I sent it on time, albeit totally last minute.  And now, it’s time to celebrate… until I’ve got to pay up again.

Urban Dictionary QLC Definition # 1

I’ve been scouring everywhere for all things QLC. I’ve found interesting books, articles, movies, songs, videos and such about the topic – some funny, some obnoxious, but others that are actually worthwhile. Stay tuned as I drop them here and there.

I think the person that wrote this has more to worry about than QLC.  Like spelling, for example.  Grammar too.  Make that writing, in general. Oh, that’s sad.

Usually occurs sometime in your twenties, a few years out of school and still feel as though you’re waiting for you’re life to begin.

For most people it will be arround twenty five years of age (give or take a year or two) as this tends to be when you’re way of thinking is starting to change beyond that of a high school or college student. Most people realise they’ve reached this age if they talk to teens online and realise their way of thinking/talking/interacting etc is considerably diffrent and/or they’re starting to refer to teens as ‘kids’.

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Plate to Mouth

Where: Carribean Kitchen – One Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001 (between 33rd & 34th St. in an alley between 7 & 8th Avenues)

Occasion: I had to go meet with my tax person.  (Ugh! Yes, it’s that time of the year again, and it sucks!)  Since our meeting time of 2:00pm was right around when my fullness from oatmeal usually wore off, I planned to grab some late lunch right after.  Then, I’d have enough time to do a bit of shopping before heading off to work.  Perfect. So, I consulted Midtown Lunch to guide me to a cheap satisfying meal around Macy’s (close to where my tax person’s office is).  I put in the location, and voilà, it gave me Carribean Kitchen.

Atmosphere: Just as described, it was located in a sort of alleyway.  There it was a few feet from where I turned the corner, sharing a space with Bruce Burger, another fast food joint.

Dish: Oxtail Lunch Special – $8.50

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Slowly Getting Obliterated

I don’t know if it’s because I served a lot of idiots at work today (sometimes, I just HATE people). Or maybe because I HATE men (highly likely). Or perhaps because I wanted to sleep easy tonight.  But I decided, I wanted to get drunk.  Not wasted, just…you know…feeling nice to unwind after a hard day.  Obviously, I’m not that plastered if I can every write this blog and have everything spelled correctly, but I am tipsy, I assure you.

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